We have shipments in Monterrey, San Pedro Garza García, Santa Catarina and the Carretera Nacional. Check the map to see the coverage area.

When adding a product to the cart, choose the "Local Shipping" option and enter your zip code to check if we have coverage in your area. We are working to reach more areas very soon.

You can also choose the "Pick up in Store" option to look for your order at our branch in Rio Manzanares # 425 Col. Del Valle in San Pedro Garza García.

San Pedro Garza García $50 pesos

  • Centrito Valle, Fuentes del Valle
  • Campestre, San Agustin
  • Villa Montaña, El Rosario, Bosques Del Valle
  • Centro San Pedro, Zona Callejone

Valle Poniente: $120 pesos

Monterrey: $75 pesos

  • Centro de Monterrey
  • San Jerónimo, Obispado, Doctores, Mitras, Cumbres 1, 2, 3 y 4to S
  • Valle Oriente, Zona Tec, Contry

Carretera Nacional (desde Satélite hasta El Uro): $150 pesos